About Us

We are a leading UK ISP who are highly rated for our quality of service, technical support and speed, with a simple policy of being open and honest at all times.

Fast.co.uk was established in 2003, and has grown into a strong and respected Internet Service Provider (ISP).

We have been supplying Internet access and hardware to business, consumers and schools via Broadband and Dialup technologies for 14 years.

Our finances:

Fast.co.uk are a private, self funded company who have been highly profitable from our first day of trading. We use our strong financial position to make constant investments into many areas of our business from expanding our current service or launching new products.

Legal Information:

Fast.co.uk is a trading name of Firenet Ltd, registered in England & Wales, company number: NI39283.

Fast.co.uk is a registered trademark.

VAT Registration Number: GB 799 333 180