Broadband Enhanced Care

Businesses and Home Office users will benefit from our new Enhanced Care service ensuring minimal time offline in the event of an ADSL fault on your phone line, or local exchange.

Our technical support agents can normally very quickly establish if the fault lies on the phone line or within the BT network and will immediatly report the fault to BT.

Standard Care:

Standard care is offered free of charge on all ADSL connections.

There will be times when a fault affecting your Broadband ADSL service is caused by a problem with your telephone line or within the BT Network - this type of faults have to be reported to BT. BT aim to respond to, and rectify a fault within 40 hours of it being reported.

Enhanced Care:

We are pleased to offer a new "Enhanced Care" service in partnership with BT. This service means that BT will respond to a fault within 3 hours of receipt of the fault report, and BT will clear the fault within 20 hours.

This service is available 7 days a week including public holidays.

Enhanced care costs £14 + vat per month and can be ordered by telephoning us on 01428 80 80 80.