Broadband Frequently Asked Questions

We have complied a small number of frequently asked questions - if you have a query which is not answered here please contact us.

Is my exchange Broadband Max enabled?

Broadband Max was enabled in 99.9% of BT exchanges on the 31st March 2006.

What speed will I get?

You can use our Broadband ADSL Checker to get an indication of the download speed your line should support.

It is important to remember that Broadband Max is a rate adaptive service and the actual speed you will experience is dependent on the line length and quality. It is quite possible for users in close geographical proximity to receive services with different speeds.

BT do not offer any guarantee of the line speed you will receive.

How long does an upgrade take?

Upgrades normally take between 5 and 7 days to complete.

Once your regrade has completed there is a 10 day "training" period whilst the maximum line rate (speed) is determined. During this time period BT will automatically record the higher and lower rates that your line supports, and will then decide upon the Maximum Stable Rate (MSR).

Another figure at 30% below the MSR is set, this is known as the Fault Threshold Rate (FTR). If your connection speed drops below this level BT will investigate it as a fault, if however the connection speed is between the FTR and MSR your connection speed is considered normal.

During this training period it is expected that your Broadband service will disconnect at times, and need to be reconnected - this is part of the training process.

You will find further details regarding an upgrade within our Broadband Max upgrade page.

What happens when I hit my download cap?

Our usage monitoring systems monitor connections 24 hours a day, and update at approximately 1am each day.

When you are at 80% of your cap we'll show you a page to let you know - click here for more information.

Once you've hit your cap we slow down your speeds to approximately 100kbps - you will not be charged more, or cut off.

You can add on extra usage or upgrade if you wish. Upgrades to increase usage allowances normally occur in near real-time - please contact us to upgrade, the process normally takes a few minutes.

The 10 day training period has ended, but my speeds have not increased!

Please contact our support team who will assist with the carrying out of some diagnostics and can, if necessary, request assistance from BT Wholesale.