Broadband IP Addresses

A static IP address allows you to host your own server at home or in the office, and is compatible with all of our Broadband ADSL packages. This means that your computer will have a permanent fixed address on the Internet.

  • Web Server
  • E-mail Server
  • Remote Access (VPN)
  • File Sharing

Pricing Information:

The prices for a static IP address on all of our packages are:

1 Static IP
£5.00 + vat per month
2 Static IPs
£8.00 + vat per month
6 Static IPs
£15.00 + vat per month

New Broadband Connection:

To obtain a Static IP Address, or range of IP addresses please select these as required when placing your Broadband ADSL order with us.

Existing Broadband Connection:

If you already have a Broadband ADSL connection from us and wish to change to having a static IP address, please contact our technical support team who will be able to process your request quickly.