£22.45 £18.71 + vat / month

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

FTTC is where BT run a fibre cable from the local exchange, to a street cabinet nearer to your property. Broadband equipment is placed in this cabinet, and then linked over existing copper to local businesses and homes.

This provides up to 40Mbps broadband to those whose phone line is fed from a cabinet, rather than directly back to the telephone exchange.

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Please note these packages have a 12 month minimum contract period, and a deposit equal to 2 months service is taken *

Download Speed up to 40Mbps up to 40Mbps up to 40Mbps
Upload Speed up to 2Mbps up to 10Mbps up to 10Mbps
Download Cap 20GB / month 45GB / month 100GB / month
Upload Cap none none none
12 Month Contract Yes Yes Yes
No Restrictions Yes Yes Yes
No Port Blocking Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited E-mail Accounts Yes Yes Yes
Virus Filtered E-mail Yes Yes Yes
Spam Filtered E-mail Yes Yes Yes
SMTP Server Yes Yes Yes
UK Telephone Support Yes Yes Yes
Free E-mail Support Yes Yes Yes
Updates by SMS Yes Yes Yes
VAT Receipts Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic IP Address Yes Yes Yes
Static IP Address extra extra extra
Monthly Cost £22.45(£18.71 + vat) £27.56(£22.97 + vat) £51.05(£42.54 + vat)
Installation Cost £65.99
(£54.99 + vat)
(£54.99 + vat)
(£54.99 + vat)
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Check Your Lines:

All of our packages offer up to 40Mbps download speeds, your Broadband service will be supplied at the highest speed your line can support.

Get fantastic speeds at all times with no speed drops, even during the evening and at weekends!

Getting broadband:

Our sales team are trained and experienced to offer the best possible advice and ensure you choose the right package.

Further information:

Top speeds may vary significantly depending upon your distance from the local FTTC enabled cabinet and your telephone line quality.

Installation of Fibre (FTTC) broadband service takes a minimum of ten working days to complete.

You will require a VDSL modem router to connect to the service. This is not included. If you have a compatible VDSL modem router from a previous installation, please ensure that the connection settings can be modified. It is recommended to connect the modem router at the master telephone socket. All sockets in use on the line must have an ADSL/VDSL microfilter (splitter) fitted.

* FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) products require a deposit equal to two months rental, in addition to the setup and first monthly installment. This deposit is held on the account until the service is cancelled, at which point it will be returned to the customer upon request, after the contractual period has been fulfilled. Alternatively, it can be credited against months 13 and 14 invoices.