Leased Line & Ethernet Connectivity

Starting from £450 per month with £2500 installation.

A Leased Line is a high-performance, permanently available, fixed cost Internet connection carrying voice, data & Internet traffic for those companies placing the Internet at the heart of their business strategy.

Leased Lines deliver dedicated bandwidth and are supported by comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) unavailable on standard ADSL connections.

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Key features & benefits ...

  • Direct connection to's high speed IP network
  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  • Low latency connection - ideal for running applications over VPN
  • Symmetric connection - perfect for running applications over VPN
  • Ideal for hosting your own Web, Email and E-Commerce servers
  • 99.9% coverage in Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • 24/7/365 active line monitoring and support desk availability
  • ADSL backup option with automatic failover
  • Diversity options available for mission-critical applications
  • 8 IP address allocation - more available on request
  • Managed Juniper router provided
  • Online bandwidth statistics allow usage monitoring and help to forecast future requirements

Independent provider ...

As an independent company we can source the physical leased line connection from the most cost effective supplier based on your bandwidth requirements and location. This means that we can provide competitive quotations regardless of your location in the UK.

By partnering with multiple telecommunications companies, we have direct access to over 100 points of presence. These points of presence are connected to the network via high capacity (155Mbit or 622Mbit) SDH circuits.

The solution ...

We will supply either a direct local access circuit or may use another telecommunications provider to supply a dedicated point-to-point circuit between your office and the nearest point of presence (POP). This circuit acts as your own dedicated pipe to the Internet.

All of our leased lines are monitored 24/7 by our network operations team, and provide you with access to our support technicians.

Pricing ...

The exact cost will depend upon the access circuit charges, which relate to the distance of the installation location from a point of presence, and the amount of Internet bandwidth you require.

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