£20..39 £16.99 + vat / month

LLU Broadband - Up to 24Mbps

Our high usage LLU based packages offer fantastic value for money for those who require a high amount of download usage allowance each month.

These packages have a 12 month contract period, and a cease fee of £17 + vat

LLU Value LLU Standard LLU Premium
Download Speed up to 24Mbps up to 24Mbps up to 24Mbps
Upload Speed up to 1.2Mbps up to 1.2Mbps up to 2.5Mbps
Download Cap 40GB / month200GB / month 450GB / month
Upload Cap none none none
Contract 12 months 12 months 12 months
No Port Blocking Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited E-mail Accounts Yes Yes Yes
Virus Filtered E-mail Yes Yes Yes
Spam Filtered E-mail Yes Yes Yes
SMTP Server Yes Yes Yes
UK Telephone Support Yes Yes Yes
Free E-mail Support Yes Yes Yes
Updates by SMS Yes Yes Yes
VAT Receipts Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic IP Address Yes Yes Yes
Static IP Address extraextra extra
No Restrictions Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Cost £20.39(£16.99 + vat) £30.00(£25.00 + vat) £38.40(£32.00 + vat)
Migration Cost FREE FREE £30.00
(£25.00 + vat)
Installation Cost
This fee applies if you don't
have broadband already.
(£25.00 + vat)
Order Online Order OnlineOrder Online

Check Your Lines:

All of our packages offer up to 24Mbps download speeds, your Broadband service will be supplied at the highest speed your line can support.

Get fantastic speeds at all times with no speed drops, even during the evening and at weekends!

Getting broadband:

Our sales team are trained and experienced to offer the best possible advice and ensure you choose the right package.

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Top speeds may vary significantly depending upon your distance from the local exchange and your telephone line quality.