Broadband ADSL - Basic Settings

These are the basic settings and information you will require to use Broadband ADSL services.

Username & Password:

Your username and password are included with the welcome pack you receive via e-mail or post when you signup to our Broadband ADSL services.

The username will be in the format of either 12345@fast or 12345@ukadsl.

Please note both the username and password are case sensitive.

SMTP Server:

All of our ADSL connections have the use of our SMTP server, allowing you to send out e-mails. Our smtp server is:

Please note that we operate a strict anti-spam policy, and do not permit any of our customers to send unsolicated e-mail from their connections with us.

DNS Servers:

Our caching and resolving DNS servers are:

Router Settings:

The following specific settings are required for your router

        Encapsulation - PPPoA (PPP over ATM) or aal5mux (Cisco)
        Multiplexing method - VC-based (vcmux)
        VPI - 0
        VCI - 38 

Further Support

If you require any further support with your connection, please contact our support team who will be very happy to help.